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Motivational Speaking


Along with music, Michael Anne has a passion for motivating individuals to pursue their own goals, especially those who are challenged physically and mentally. Having been born with multiple craniofacial deformities, only one ear, and endured over 20 surgeries, Michael Anne understands the hardship society places on people with any disability. She hopes to encourage future generations that having a disability isn't necessarily disabling, it only means that one has more challenges to face to accomplish their dreams. Michael Anne recently had the opportunity to perform and speak at the Gala of the 71st Annual Meeting of American Cleft-Craniofacial Association of March 2014. She told professionals from 30 different countries that their encouragement has more of impact on their patients than they realize and that they should never tell a patient that they "cannot do something." She hopes this is only beginning of future conferences and future speaking at schools and public events because it takes everyone (parents, teachers, and doctors) in an individual's life to help them succeed. She also hopes to create a network for musicians that have disabilities or injuries to give more educational and medical options for future generations.


Michael Anne's mother once told her to "reach for the moon because you just might land among the stars." For those who have opportunities where they would like Michael Anne to speak or perform please go to her contact page.

Michael Anne Tolan with her Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon of 25 years Dr. Ron Hathaway

(March 2014, Indianapolis Indiana).

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